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Unisex clothing has taken the world by storm more than once before, but this time it’s more than a matter of style. It is being used as a way not only to challenge traditional norms for male/female gender roles but to do so for all genders and anti-genders too. It’s a statement made about being oneself as opposed to playing quietly by the rules of others.

Unisex Clothing

It Makes Everything Normal

Unisex clothing has something for everyone, and that’s the beauty of it. With gender-neutral and normcore clothing, you can wear whatever the hell you like, and people can deal with it. It’s a form of passive protest that trickles into the very fabric of our society.

It Slows Down Fashion Cycles

Fast fashion is one of the largest contributing factors that is quickly leading to the destruction of our planet. So, anything that slows down rotating trends is better for everyone. With unisex clothing, there’s less need for adaptation; helping slow the turnover and give the earth a somewhat of a break. “Sustainable” clothing isn’t just a buzzword; it’s literally what we need to wear to be able to promote our actual survival. And sustainability is just one mitigating piece in a larger puzzle. It is, however, an extremely influential piece.

It’s One for The Ages

Perhaps one of the biggest wins for gender-neutral clothing is how it’s helping children understand their personalities and express themselves more freely at a young age. Girls who like cars and superheroes are at more liberty to ditch the dresses if they want to. Similarly, boys who like to wear dresses are leading the way for others to do the same. Unisex clothing is breaking the glass ceiling of gender-associated stereotypes by starting at the beginning of the human lifecycle.

It Advocates Gender Neutrality

Modern unisex clothing is all about gender neutrality. When the term “unisex clothing” was first coined in the 1960s, it was partially about giving power back to women. More recently, it can mean that the wearer has adopted or is supportive of a nonbinary lifestyle–no matter what gender they identify with. It’s more about donning what you like to wear than wearing what the fashion industry wants you to wear. It’s a courageous push in the right direction.

It Promotes Gender Equality

Unisex clothing promotes equality by stripping away gender ideals. By making the same clothes available to both genders, it manifests the radical concept of true self-awareness. Although this train of thought is taking a while to catch up, self-awareness can also lead to gender equality. If you can wear the same clothes, then why not get the same pay, the same opportunities, and the same recognition. 


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