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Minimalism is more of a way of life than a passing trend. It uncomplicates everything from getting dressed in the morning to the way we treat our land. It is the anthesis of a seasonal trend because it cuts all that noise out. 

That’s not to say that you can’t look good while you declutter —quite the opposite. So, what part does minimalism play in clothing? Having a few key pieces can bring any look together, save time, and lend the earth a helping hand as well. As a minimalist clothing brand, we’ve found that the following items will do the trick.

The Basic Tee

Nau Basis T-Shirt

Basis Short Sleeve T-Shirt (unisex) —100% soft organic cotton. 

One incredible t-shirt in the hand is worth twenty less-decent t-shirts in the bush. A well-made tee can be the MVP in many different outfit combinations. You can wear it with your raincoat, dress it up with a blazer or just rock it on its own. As far as clothing goes, it’s the desert island staple of fundamental garb. Honestly, without tees, where would even be in life?!

The Coat that Keeps the Rain Away

Sequenchshell Waterproof Jackets—breathable weather protection. 

If you’ve ever been on a mountainside without adequate hiking attire, you know there’s a remarkable difference between the raincoat that actually keeps the rain away and the one that doesn’t. A quality, fitted waterproof jacket can circumvent years of misery both for yourself and the planet. 

That One Pair of Pants

Men's Stretch Motil Pant —made for movement. 

Everyone has that one pair of pants that outshines every other pair of pants they own. A great pair of pants must be both comfortable and stylish. Jeans have always been a go-to, but traditional dying methods can wreak havoc on our natural surroundings. We think that one pair of pants should be sustainable as well. 

Those Minimalist Kicks

You can’t argue with a pair of crisp white sneakers. They’re a statement of minimalism. They give off an air of sophistication while also rebelling against having to have the next branded thing to complete the look. Stand back fashionistas, because no-name sneaks are about to give your Choo’s a run for their money.

The Transitional Jacket that Goes with Everything


Boiled Wool Jackets (coming soon in FW19) —the perfect transitional fabric. 

You know the jacket, the one you try not to wear as much as you want to because it’s so versatile that it could even make your old gym shorts look amazing. If you forsake all others, you know in your heart of hearts that this one must stay. It could be a wrap, a hoodie, a blazer, a cardigan or other that makes your wardrobe come together. It’s ok to wear it whenever you want; we positively encourage it.

 In conclusion, the best minimalist staples are the practical items of clothing that make you feel like yourself. Quality is key, and it often ends up costing quite a bit less over the lifespan of the garment. Sustainability is more important than ever. And, you being yourself is what the world needs right now.

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Nau Men's Sequenchshell Trench: As Seen On

Nau Men's Sequenchshell Trench: As Seen On