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As a proud Partner for Change, we’re excited to share and support the Alliance’s successes with you. In 2019, Conservation Alliance grantees delivered a record number of conservation victories—24 to be exact. All of their efforts resulted in the protection of 22,509,324 acres of land, 468 river miles, and the acquisition of three climbing areas. 

These incredible results were driven by decades of grassroots work from grantees across North America. This past year, these successes came in the form of the protection of Canada's Thaidene Nëné and Peel River Watershed - the single largest success Conservation Alliance funding has supported, and the John D. Dingell, Jr. Conservation Management and Recreation Act - the largest public lands package to pass through Congress in a decade.They work hard to identify effective conservation organizations that can succeed in any political climate, and supplement those grants by bringing the business voice to bear on conservation through our advocacy program.

What a wonderful 2019! Want to help them continue to protect wild places for future generations to enjoy? Click here to donate. 


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