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Nothing brings more joy than seeing someone make something beautiful. Earlier this month local artist Jerilyn Gallardo was commissioned by NAU Portland to create a stunning window mural.



Teaming up with the NAU marketing department, Jerilyn was asked to represent our favorite sustainable material of Recycled Down through her own eyes. Together, the team created something very special for the winter season using local talent, creative collaboration, and, of course recycled materials. Take a peek at the images below to see the artist in action. 



Our world feels overwhelming at the moment due to the stress of living in a pandemic. The messaging of "Falling For Down" brings a sense of welcome weightlessness, perfectly captured in the brush strokes of the artist. With this installment, NAU hopes to give the Portland community art that evokes lightness to the darkest time of year. 



Where can people find out more about the artist? Check out her Instagram and make sure to stop by our retail location in the Pearl District, Portland Oregon. The mural install will run from 12/9/21 through the end of January, and keep checking our blog posts for more collaborations. 


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