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In an effort to save you time and the earth of an increasingly larger return footprint, we’re hoping to help you get it right the first time with transparent details about the fit of each and every one of our styles, straight from the team at Nau. 

We know sometimes you’re a “smedium” (that awkward spot between a small and a medium) or that some of you are tall, so sometimes you size up to be sure the sleeves fit. Sometimes you want to wear something oversized or to wear one of our dresses or shirts a little more body contour. Maybe you’re female wanting a men’s style. We totally get it!

So beginning this spring, you’ll see Nau Fit Notes after every product description in our webshop.

If you have additional questions, you can then send a quick note to customercare@nau.com who will provide you additional expert feedback before you make your final selections. 


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