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May is National Bike Month, a celebration of biking as transportation, recreation, and essential to our well-being and everyday lives. While this National Bike Month is different, it's important to highlight the physical and mental health benefits during COVID-19. 

Many of us across the country are in 'lockdown' at this time, so going out for a bike ride is a great way to enjoy some fresh air and feel connected with the world around us. Whether you’re riding for fun, fitness, or taking essential trips to work or shop —you are part of a movement for safer streets, connected communities, and a healthier planet.

 As a national sponsor, BikeLeague.org provides resources to help you plan an event in your area, however, this year they are doing things a little differently. The League is encouraging everyone to get on a bike, go for a ride, and share the joy online together by sharing photos of your solo or family rides on social media using #BikesUnite.

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