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Nau Pohlar High-Pile Fleece Jacket.

Clothing can be a very powerful thing. It can project an image, give the first impression, and even symbolize gender. But what if you don’t want to be defined or confined by gender norms? We’re taught from a young age that we’re either the type of person who wears pink dresses or the type of person who wears blue blazers. And that seemingly harmless definition carries on throughout the rest of our lives. That is the power of clothing. 

Unisex style is one answer to the momentous task of rewriting gender rules. It’s evolving into more than a fad. As more and more people start to realize that they’re more than what they wear, unisex clothing is becoming a tool for self-expression and peaceful protest.

So, what is Unisex Clothing?

The term “unisex clothing” came about in the 1960s, as a way to describe a trending fashion that could be easily worn by either a man or a woman. We could make this article short by saying that the best way to wear unisex clothing is whichever way you want to, but if you want some tips, read on.


The 2019 trend for gender-neutral shirts is the oversized look. The exaggerated design makes a clear statement about supporting gender-neutrality and rejecting traditional gender conformity. People (ALL people) can rock the look with a long, oversized trenchcoat, high-waisted pants, or anything they’d like. Unisex clothing often follows suit with normcore style, in that it can often be neutral in color as well. Another current unisex shirt style is to combine lighter tops, such as white or cream, with a camel trench, light blue jeans, or, again, whatever you would like. Oversized shirts, in particular, tend to be specifically designed as unisex (as opposed to just wearing a larger shirt), because the collar still fits snug to the neck.


Out of all unisex clothing categories, outerwear is, arguably, the easiest to style. When searching for a unisex jacket or coat, you have a myriad of sizing options such as standard fit, loose, baggy, trench, bomber, oversized, and many more. Straight-leg, 90s-style blue jeans make a killer companion for almost any gender-neutral jacket, and it’s a staple combination for many a great unisex outfit.


Like their brethren, unisex pants aren’t meant to be formfitting, which generally makes them a lot easier to find. The big thing in 2019 is loose pants with larger-than-life pockets. Pro tip: Straight-leg and a little shy of the ankle will allow you to show off a sweet pair of unisex loafers or some simple white sneakers. We've put together a list of our styles that can be considered unisex.  


Shop our Unisex Styles. 

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  • it would be helpful to know measurements for different sizes, especially trousers; eg., for size 30, what are waist and hip measurements?

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