We stand behind (and in) everything we make.

We proudly guarantee all Nau products in their quality and performance. Sustainability comes standard in every piece we make, and we believe that an important part of that is designing for durability. Following our care instructions carefully is a sure way to extend the life of your product; however, eventual age and wear is to be expected as you travel, adventure and live in your Nau product. Please see examples below on warranty and non-warranty issues to best assess your case before proceeding.


If your Nau product has a defect in materials or workmanship, a solution will be offered at the discretion of Nau.

Please note: Our warranty program is only available within the United States. The warranty only applies to products purchased by original owner, and any items purchased from warehouse and sample sales are excluded from eligibility. Please note, it may take up to 8 weeks for completion of our warranty service.

We believe each product has a practical lifetime; therefore, normal wear and tear of a garment is not covered under warranty.

To apply for a warranty, please send an email to customercare@nau.com with "Warranty Application" in the subject line and include the following information:

-Style name, color and size of product
-Proof of purchase/Receipt/When and where item was purchased
-Brief description of the issue/occurrence
-Several photos of the entire garment, including the damaged area, and intact inside care labels
-Contact name, phone number and U.S. address


If authorized by a Nau Customer Care rep, please prepare your item using the instructions below:

1. Wash your item following care instructions specific to the item, if this will not further damage your item.
2. Print out your repair form, as sent by a Customer Care rep.
3. Ship damaged item and repair form to the Portland address below using a carrier that provides tracking information and proof of delivery.


Nau: Warranty & Repairs
1111 NE Flanders Suite 201
Portland, OR 97232