Wear it out or pass it on

The best way to minimize the environmental impact of any garment is to wear it as long as possible. That’s why we design every piece to be timeless, durable and versatile so you can feel confident wearing it season after season and year after year. And when you’re done wearing it, odds are it’ll still be in fantastic shape so pass it on to someone else who would love to have it!

A glimpse into the afterlife.

We’re collaborating with industry leaders to design new recycling systems so that our old products can be put to the best use. This isn’t a small or easy task as conventional product systems have always prioritized making over reusing or recycling. We’re making great progress but it’ll take time.

Today, organizations like Goodwill Industries do an incredible job of recycling every scrap of used clothing—wearable or not—into its next life. Until we have the systems in place to collect and recycle our products back into usable material, we recommend you donate what you’re done wearing. (And stay tuned!)