We're Outsiders

Sustainability is a bear.

We don't care.

For us, sustainability is a non-negotiable. Every detail has to be spot on—from making sure our DWR finishes are PFC-free, our cotton is 100% organic and our down is 100% recycled, from making sure our factories are exceeding stringent ethical standards along our business practices, to the ink on our tags, to designing clothes that continue to look and feel premium throughout their long life of service.

Even then. Technically, there's no such thing as sustainable clothes.

Sustainability means buying into a different system. Sustainability is voting with your wallet. Sustainability means voting for the world, for leaving a place better than we found it, a rallying cry to all humans: we've got to save ourselves.

In 2007 when we launched Nau, the implementation of sustainable practice was still being pioneered in the outdoor industry. No one really knew what sustainable meant for fashion. We forged our own way, in the spirit of our hometown of Portland, Oregon, creating a new movement disguised as an apparel company.

If that makes us outsiders, then get outside with us. Let's change the world together.

So. Welcome: Let's go.