Tencel + Tencel Sun

Performance built from a renewable fiber.
  • Tencel is a cellulosic fiber — woven from sustainably managed forests. Manufactured in a closed-loop process that dramatically reduces waste.
  • Tencel has the performance of a synthetic with its breathable feel and durable wear. Tencel Sun provides UPF-30 protection.

The Stats

  • Naturally renewable and 100% biodegradable
  • Certified by the FSC
  • Recovers 99% of solvents used in manufacturing
  • Made using an environmental award-winning process

Care for Tencel + Tencel Sun

80% of clothing’s environmental impact comes from its care. So proper care is crucial.

  • Only wash when necessary.
  • Wash cold and tumble dry low — like cotton.
  • If you want your clothes to last longer, line dry.

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