Recycled Down

All the warmth. None of the guilt.
  • Duvets, pillows, and coats that were once headed to the landfill are sorted and fluffed to be turned into jackets. Recycled down is identical in quality to virgin down.
  • In 2008, we made the first 100% recycled down collection

The stats

  • Rated 650-700 fill quality in all garments
  • Makes use of a material that cannot be recycled in recycling centers
  • GRS and SCS Recycled Content certified
  • Sourced from California

Care for Recycled Down

80% of clothing’s environmental impact comes from its care. So proper care is crucial.

  • Store with room, not bunched up.
  • Reapply Nikwax every few seasons for water repellency.
  • If it needs cleaning, wash cold. Tumble dry low with a couple tennis balls.

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