Recycled Down

All the warmth. None of the guilt.
  • In 2015, Nau became the first apparel brand to introduce a recycled down collection.
  • Starting with reclaimed duvets and pillows, the down and feathers are removed, cleaned, and then sorted according to their quality. This allows us to select recycled down with the exact same specifications as virgin down, and thus identical performance characteristics.

The stats

  • We choose 650-fill and 700-fill recycled down because of their extremely high warmth-to-weight ratio.
  • The factory from which we source our recycled down is in California.
  • To ensure our down supply is truly traceable and 100% recycled, we work with independent organizations, including the Global Recycled Standard and SCS Recycled Content Certification to verify the source and composition of our recycled down products.

Care for Recycled Down

80% of clothing’s environmental impact comes from its care. So proper care is crucial.

  • Don’t store any down piece bunched up, as this will decrease its loft.
  • Reapplying water-repellant finishes, such as Nikwax, to the shell fabric will help keep it from wetting out.
  • If it needs cleaning, wash cold. Tumble dry low with a couple tennis balls.

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