Waterproofing without the chemicals.
  • For years, jackets have gotten their waterproof coating from harmful petroflourinated compounds.
  • When we created Nau, we knew we needed a better way to make jackets waterproof, but none existed. So we invented our own.
  • Our PFC-free DWR has since become the industry standard for healthy, effective waterproofing.

The stats

  • 100% free of PFCs
  • Traces of PFCs have been found in every level of the food chain (including humans)
  • PFCs are on the globally-recognized Restricted Substances Lists

Care for PFC-Free DWR

80% of clothing’s environmental impact comes from its care. So proper care is crucial.

  • If your piece gets dirty, opt for spot treatment over washing. (If you need to wash it, always use cold water and tumble dry low.)
  • Every few seasons, reapply Nikwax to maintain water repellency.

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