Nau Rules of Corporate Responsibility

Section 1: Environmental and Social Responsibility

The Corporation shall endeavor to conduct all aspects of its business in an environmentally and socially responsible manner, including the promotion of peaceful conflict resolution, the fair and humane management of factory working conditions, the equitable treatment of its employees, the implementation of a sustainable process of product creation, waste minimization and recycling, and philanthropy as described in Section 3. In this regard, the officers and directors will use their discretion and business judgment to determine how best to implement this policy consistent with their fiduciary duties to the stockholders of the Corporation.

Section 2: Management of the Business and Affairs of the Corporation

Nau is committed to managing its business with a triple bottom line mentality balancing economic, social and environmental considerations. The duty of the directors and officers henceforth shall be to make money for the shareholders, but not at the expense of the environment, human rights, public health, and safety, dignity of employees, and the welfare of the communities in which the company operates.

Section 3: Philanthropy

The Corporation shall at all times have in place a Partners For Change program requiring that, upon the sale of any product or service of the Corporation, a minimum of {%APP_VAL pfcPercentage%} percent of the aggregate purchase price of such product or service be contributed to pre-selected charitable organizations. Nau shall provide a royalty-free license of its intellectual property used by the Company for making consumer directed charitable contributions (referred to as "Charitable Contribution IP") to other organizations that have a corporate charitable contribution program similar to the program... [pagebreak]established by Nau, for the sole purpose of enabling these other organizations to make consumer directed charitable contributions. Such licenses will be restricted so as to protect and assure the Nau's continuing ownership and control of the Charitable Contribution IP, and not to compromise the Nau's business.

Section 4: Fair Wages

The Corporation shall pay its eligible employees based in the United States of America an amount that is not less than 1.5 times the effective statutory U.S. federal minimum wage and shall compensate its non-U.S. based employees in a fair and just manner as determined by the officers and directors in their business judgment consistent with their fiduciary duties to the stockholders of the Corporation.

Section 5: Equal Benefits for Employees

Domestic partners (whether same sex or opposite sex) of the Corporation's eligible employees shall be eligible to receive benefits under the Corporation's employee benefit policies and programs to the same extent spouses of the Corporation's eligible employees are eligible to receive benefits under such policies and programs, subject to eligibility requirements and benefits policies to be adopted by the Corporation.

Section 6: Compensation

No officer of the Corporation shall receive a cash salary (excluding signing bonuses, performance bonuses, stock and option grants and other benefits), in excess of 12 times the compensation paid to the lowest paid full-time employee of the Corporation based in the United States of America.

Section 7: Product

Nau will create its product using a whole systems* approach and continually strive to make the most sustainable product possible including overall design, materials, production processes, distribution, product maintenance and end of life strategies (Reference the following documents for more detail: Ideal Garment Criteria, Restricted Substance List, Code of Conduct and Design Philosophy).

* Understanding by examining the linkages and interactions between the elements that compose the entirety of the system.