We started Nau to answer a single question:

How do we make the world’s most sustainable performance wear?

Before Nau, you had to choose: eco-friendly or high tech.

You couldn’t have both.

There were plenty of organic cotton tee shirts and petroleum-based gym shorts - but nothing that combined sustainability with performance.

We set out to change that.

It was a lot of work in those early days, but over time, we found our way. We used four essential values to get us there: 

Value #1

If it doesn’t exist, Invent it.

As the first sustainable performance wear brand, the fabrics and processes we needed largely didn’t exist. So we had to create them.

We launched the first collections of waxed organic cotton and winter coats made of 100% recycled down. We even invented our own textile treatment — PFC-free DWR.

To make the world more sustainable, we’re ready to do some of the heavy lifting.

Value #2

Refuse to compromise

From the start, our design team banned a “Restricted Substances” list, established a code of conduct, and relied heavily on third-party audits.

After a decade in business, we have refined our list to only use the same 10 sustainable textiles for everything we make. (That is, until we invent the next great thing.)

Value #3

Make clothing that lasts

To be truly sustainable, our clothing can’t just be sustainably sourced. It has to be sustainably designed.

We design our clothes to last a lifetime.

From the high-tech performance to the timeless style — you’ll never get sick of your best pieces. And they’ll last in your wardrobe for years on end.

Value #4

Do more. By giving back.

We’re proud of our work building the world’s most sustainable performance wear brand.

But Nau’s commitment to sustainability goes beyond just clothing.

We believe the road to a sustainable world is paved with many congruent solutions — better businesses, better policies, and disruptive charities.

That’s why we donate 2% of every dollar you spend directly to grassroots environmentalist causes.

So every purchase you make at Nau supports sustainability. On every level.

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