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As part of Nau's interview series, we interview the people whose bold visions and rebellious spirits have directly inspired our own. Michael brings values and uncompromising dedication to sustainability, something that comes through in all his work. We talk to Michael about a range of topics, like listening to music while traveling, dedication to a more sustainable world, and missing the pulse of live music in a big venue.

An explorer at heart, Michael interned at the Cannes International Film Festival in Cannes, France. A native Californian, Nau's laid-back and sustainable lifestyle came naturally to him, which led to him selecting Nau as an employer right out of graduating from Portland State University. Michael is a homegrown success story as he started in our Retail Flagship Store in Portland as a key holder. In 2019 he was promoted to Customer Care Specialist, and now he holds the responsibility of E-commerce Specialist.


What do you miss right now?

I miss live shows! Going out and listening to live music is one of my favorite things to do.

What’s one thing you’d never forget to bring on a trip?

Chapstick. I have it everywhere I go.

What are the three most beautiful words in the world to you?

Idyllic, Serendipity, & Peace

What are you currently listening to or reading?

I listen to a lot of music but a few of my go to artists are Camp Cope or Bon Iver.

What does being sustainable mean for you?

Being sustainable in terms of fashion means knowing the fabrics, labor, and factories where my clothes are made. I do a lot of research before I purchase products to ensure I am doing my best not to harm the planet.

Next time you contact Customer Care make sure to chat up Michael about his adventures! 




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