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Hemp is quite possibly one of the most useful and sustainable plants in human history —and remains the strongest natural fiber on earth. Nau has been using hemp from the start and when blended with organic cotton, it becomes a powerhouse fabric that is incredibly soft on the skin. 

The Crop

A highly sustainable crop, hemp requires little to no water, doesn't need pesticides or fertilizers, and can usually be rain-fed to grow. When the hemp plant is harvested, the roots remain and the leaves are returned to the fields keeping the soil rich and in better condition than before it was planted. Hemp can be grown consecutively for over twenty years without the soil being affected.

Why Hemp Fabric?

On top of having a lower environmental impact, clothing made from hemp fiber offers many additional benefits:


  • Hemp helps protect your skin by naturally filtering UV light.
  • Hemp is lightweight and breathable.
  • Hemp resists bacterial growth preventing odors.
  • Hemp is known for its durability, it has four times the strength of cotton and it won't weaken when washed.
  • Hemp retains color better than any other fabric.
  • Hemp is naturally soft on the skin and will continue to soften with each wear.
  • Hemp has a similar drape to linen.


Humans have cultivated hemp since 8000 BC —however, it has had an illustrious history. In the United States, hemp was thought of as interchangeable with marijuana. The misconceptions about hemp have caused it to be banned. In 2018, the president signed into law The Hemp Farming Act, making industrial hemp legal in the U.S. While this is a positive step in the right direction, the U.S. is now 80 years behind in hemp textile research and manufacturing. We know that will change with consumer demand so we must continue to create demand with our dollars.


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