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The fabric from our Flaxible series gets an added nod to performance with the addition of recycled polyester to the classic TENCEL and linen blend. It keeps it's beautiful, slub textured drape and cool handfeel, while the added polyester provides a natural wrinkle resistance, improved moisture management, and increased strength and durability. 

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A lustrous and durable fiber harvested from the stalks of the flax plant, Linen has long been a staple of summer wardrobes. Linen's unique fiber properties naturally wick moisture from the body, creating a fabric that is cool and comfortable in warm weather. Grown predominantly in Europe, flax is intrinsically sustainable: a hardy plant that requires little water, and no pesticides or fertilizers.


Made from sustainably managed forests of eucalyptus trees, naturally renewable, biodegradable, and produced in a closed-loop process. TENCEL adds a soft silky handfeel and drape, improves wicking and drying times, and its antimicrobial properties fight odor protection.  

Recycled Polyester

Produced from plastic waste, and even old garments, recycled polyester decreases our use of petroleum, keeps waste out of landfills, and lowers our overall carbon footprint. Recycled polyester is widely available and offers the same performance, high strength and functional versatility as traditional polyester, with a lower environmental impact. Using independent recycled standards like GRS and RCS, we certify to ensure we are doing our part to minimize the use of virgin resources in our synthetic fabrics. 

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